A Few Kinds of Extreme Camping Everyone Should Try

Are you tired of same & old kind of camping trip? Therefore, it is important to get rid of all these old trends of camping thing, and make it more adventurous & memorable in order to reenact the past, test the survival skills or add up the bicycle to the mixture. Just try one or all five extreme tips one once in a while during camping in Southern California in order to remind yourself why you are in love with outdoors.

Survivalist Camping

From minimalist camping & light years away from an average camping trip – one step forward is one of the camping types is Survivalist camping San Fernando Valley. As it’s name implies, you just bring only what you need to make it from one day to the next. This form of extreme camping trip, the whole adventure is stripped down to the straightforward essentials, including:

Shelter- It varies dramatically with the temperature & weather. Just try out to find out high ground, which protects from the wind & distanced from any drainage channels, for instance washes or gullies. One of the simplest shelters is an A-Frame trap tent. If you can, just get up off the tent, either on the bed of leafy branches or pad.

Water- Have you ever imagined your life without water? Obviously, nobody can’t live without it. Hence, make your camp near a lake or river. To remember in order to stay at least 100 feet away. Always bear in mind that boil the water at least for 1 minute only if it is not a treated source.

Food- For food, there are three options out there. Just bring with you that can add a lot of weights, and pack some food & forge for the rest. You can find out everything as you go which is an option that is reserved only for one of the most dedicated survivalists.

Heat- Knowing how to make a fire with a variety of tools & with no tools at all. For instance, a bow drill or a magnifying glass, flint & steel, etc.

Overnight Bicycle Camping

This kind of camping has become popular among the advent of super-lightweight still sturdy bikes as well as equally efficient gear for the comfiest trip. One of the best parts of it is that a one or two-night adventure is easier to plan. To keep these tips in mind as you begin on your first trip.

  • For your very first trip, stay close to home in case if the problems arise. As you become more experienced than travel farther away.
  • The expenses of the trip are pretty low, and once you have purchased the bike & equipment. Food is one of the most expensive aspects.
  • You can also go for bicycle camping Southern California on most bikes.

Minimalist Camping

In this kind of camping, just pack only what you require. Here is the list of essentials that you must have it, such as:

  • Small or medium Sleeping bag per camper & the tent
  • Minimum amount of clothing, basic cooking gear
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • First aid kit, Sunscreen, trash bags
  • Rope, A flashlight
  • Insect Repellent
  • Toilet paper

    Work Camping

This is one of the extreme camping San Fernando Valley is genuinely one of the most cost-effective for those people who want to travel plus make some money simultaneously. The traveller often works for RV parks near Universal Studios Hollywood for both free campsites & financial compensation. The work campers collect camping fees & help visitors and watch problems on the property. The work campers only work in park concessions, food services & other positions.

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