After US Vetoes UN Decision On Jerusalem, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Says “Thank You”

After US Vetoes UN Resolution On Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu Says 'Thank You'

Referring to the US veto of the Jerusalem decision, Benjamin Netanyahu stated “Fact defeated lies” (AFP)

New Delhi:  After the USA vetoed a draft United Nations resolution rejecting Donald Trump’s choice to acknowledge Jerusalem because the capital of Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude in direction of US President Donald Trump and US’ ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

Saying that “fact defeated lies,” Prime Minister Netanyahu took to Twitter to say “Thanks, President Trump. Thanks, Nikki Haley.”

Whereas all different 14 members of the UN Safety Council backed the decision, Nikki Haley exercised the US’ veto, saying “The US is not going to be advised by any nation the place we are able to put our embassy.”

Key US allies just like the UK, France, Italy and Japan have been among the many nations within the 15-member council that backed the draft resolution. The measure asserted that any selections on the standing of Jerusalem “haven’t any authorized impact, are null and void and have to be rescinded.”

“What we witnessed right here right now within the Safety Council is an insult. It will not be forgotten,” Nikki Haley stated, describing the measure as “another instance of the United Nations doing extra hurt than good in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian battle.”

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Nikki Haley referred to as the UN decision an “insult” that “will not be forgotten” (AFP)

Thanking Nikki Haley extensively in his Tweet, Benjamin Netanyahu lauded her for talking “like a Maccabi”, referring to a gaggle of historical insurgent Jewish warriors. “You lit a candle of fact. You dispel the darkness. One defeated many” he added in a profuse present of gratitude.

Donald Trump’s announcement to shift the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, formally recognizing it because the nation’s capital, was seen as a shift from the nation’s earlier coverage in direction of the matter.

His announcement drew criticism and triggered protests and robust condemnation.

The Palestine authorities slammed the US veto of the resolution as “unacceptable”, with their international minister saying they are going to name for an emergency assembly of the UN Normal Meeting.

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