Amazing life stories of mastermind musicians

Life stories of western classical music composers have always been interesting. They reached great glory and fame thanks to their superior talents, and they had different lives like today’s rock stars. Their works have been attracting curiosity of most of the people around the world for years.

1- Mozart is one of these unforgettable music composers. There are two things everyone knows about Mozart. He was able to compose at the age of 6 and he was buried in the grave of the homeless when he died at the age of 35. It is still a question of how this special person, maybe the most talented composer of human history, died in misery by a musician who was held on hand by the palace auctioneer. Nevertheless, in his short life he managed to be immortal with more than 600 works he produced.

2- Beethoven was respected throughout his life and buried in a very crowded funeral on his shoulders unlike Mozart. The genius musician was famous for his bad temper because of his nervous character. He had hearing problems towards the end of his 20s and spent the last 10 years of his life deaf. But deafness did not stop this mastermind, and today the composer of the 9th symphony, which is the anthem of the European Union, was composed in this period.

3-Chopin was born in a small village in Poland. He started his piano education at the age of 6 like Mozart. After he showed up and became famous, he moved to France and lived a comfortable life with no financial problems. The story that goes so well has ended with a dramatic ending; he died at the age of 39 because of tuberculosis. However, what is interesting is that he did not want the funeral march to be stolen, which was composed by him.

4- Tchaikovsky had an interesting life like the other famous music composers. Tchaikovsky has been famous as composer of ballet music such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker. The composer, known to be full of emotional and secrets, never seemed to appreciate personal happiness, even though he saw much appreciation. His life ended with a mysterious death. Some music historians say that he lost his life due to the cholera epidemic. But, some other historians claim that this naive person ends his life by committing suicide.

5- Paganini had an impressive personality. No genius music composer we have mentioned above did not break the violin on stage like him. He completed a concert despite the fact that his violin was only single-stranded. Because of his gambling passion, he opened his own casino. He was arrested. He was also said to have sold his soul to the devil because of his superior ability.

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