Atari video game is returning with new consoles

Atari is preparing to return with a new game console according to the new videos of the company posted.

Players over a certain age probably remember Atari and their first Pong games very clearly. The company, remembered by many arcade classics and many more games, is now ready to offer a new console.

A 21-second tip video was posted at a few days ago. The music starts to play, the camera is traveling on plastic and wood, and the Atari logo is on fire. The title of the video is “First look: A brand new Atari product. Years in the making.” The title indicates that a product being developed for years has been introduced.

This is the all we know about this product for now. If there is a real Atari console coming to the technology markets, it will be released in a short time, in the ongoing E3 conference.

Atari, founded in 1972, is one of the most highly regarded companies in video and adventure games industry. During the period of the so-called golden age of video games, people were mostly directed to games of Atari. Many hardware enthusiasts for the first time had the opportunity to recognize computers with the help of Atari game consoles.

Despite the fact that all the games played on the Atari consoles are produced by different developers, they are also known as Atari games. The reason for this is that the home players do not have an alternative console that is different from the Atari at the time. PlayStation and similar game consoles came out much later than Atari.

Atari is not only a game console producer but also a game producer. The adventure that started with game consoles moved the company to the mobile world and it also developed games for mobile devices.

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