Bomb blast in the Pakistan market killed 20, injured more than 50

PESHAWAR: 20 people are killed and 50 wounded when a bomb hit a market in Pakistan’s tribal area bordering Afghanistan on Saturday, Pakistani health officials and Government officials say.

The bomb hit the market vegetables in the city of Parachinar, the capital of Kurram tribal district on the border with Afghanistan, where the authorities say the death toll is expected to rise.

Government officials, Shahid Khan, said the blast occurred when the market was filled with shops buying fruits and vegetables from the grocery store.

At least 20 people were killed and 50 injured, a senior government official in Parachinar, the Press Trust of India said.

Dr. Sabir Hussain, the main hospital in Parachinar, said two of the injured died during treatment, increasing the death toll through Saturday. Originally, seven people brought vegetable market explosion site were killed and more than 50 injured. Eleven of the injured died while being treated earlier. Hussain said some of the injured are in serious condition and transferred to other hospitals for better treatment.

the explosion was caused by an IED (improvised explosive devices) that are hidden in the box factory.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, sectarian terrorist groups have been attacking minority Shiite Muslims, was banned in the past, admitted responsibility for the attack. The bombing took place in an area dominated by Shia Kurram, which has been attacked in the past by Sunni terrorists hiding there. Shiites are a minority in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed regret over the recent loss of life, his Office said in a statement.

Shia leader Faqir is Hussain said all the bodies were taken to a Shiite mosque.

Parachinar Kurram tribal region, the capital, which has become a place of terrorist activities in recent years. Soldiers doing a massive operation against terrorists here, but still have the ability to attack.

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