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By Marilyn Ferdinand

Louis, I believe that is the start of a gorgeous friendship.

Though director Michael Curtiz and the remainder of the group concerned with making Casablanca couldn’t have identified it on the time, this final line of dialogue from the movie completely characterizes the love affair film audiences have had with this quintessential World Struggle II romance because it premiered on November 26, 1942, in New York’s Hollywood Theatre. Throughout the conflict, audiences have been hungry for information and tales concerning the conflict, and movies like The Battle of Halfway (1942) and Mrs. Miniver (1942) blended with documentaries like The Memphis Belle: The Story of a Flying Fortress (1944), frankly racist anti-Axis cartoons, and newsreels to maintain the general public knowledgeable and morale excessive;

Casablanca was timed to seem about the identical time because the Allied invasion of North Africa on November eight and the presumed liberation of Casablanca itself. Whereas different wartime movies have lived on, none have generated the ardor followers really feel for this story of “three little folks” caught in a love triangle. What makes this movie so compelling that it lands frequently among the many prime romances of all time?


Casablanca is far more than only a boy-meets-girl form of romance, and to indicate that, I’m going to must go all schoolmarm on you. The birthplace of a lot of the philosophies that information Western societies is Greece, and the Greeks had 4 phrases for the primary varieties of love human beings expertise: agape, eros, philia, and storge. Agape means love in a non secular or humanitarian sense, wanting the nice for one more. Eros, the most typical love in Hollywood romances, is the passionate love of longing and want.

Philia is extra common and might lengthen to household, pals, or actions. Lastly, storge is pure love, as by a mother or father for a kid; importantly, Greek texts additionally use this time period for conditions folks should tolerate, as in “loving” a dictator. Casablanca prompts every of those types of love, giving audiences a quadruple whammy of loves so highly effective that the movie has turn into the stuff of legend, with well-remembered quotes that distill the essence of those types of love.


Let’s begin with eros, the love that’s launched a thousand motion pictures. The central love affair of the movie is between Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) and Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman), one so intensely romantic that it’s unattainable to overlook. Actually, Rick’s ardour for Ilsa is timeless, however he retains it underneath deep cowl as he performs the morally detached, womanizing proprietor of Rick’s Café Americain, a far cry from the liberty fighter he had been when he met Ilsa in Paris weeks earlier than the Nazis marched into that almost all romantic of cities.

He has forbidden Sam (Dooley Wilson), the piano participant he escaped Paris with on the day Ilsa deserted him, from taking part in the couple’s music, “As Time Goes By.” When he hears it and races to scold Sam, he comes nose to nose with Ilsa, dewy-eyed with remembrance and eager for Rick. How many people surprise at a destiny that tears the factor we would like most away from us (“Of all of the gin joints, in all of the cities, in all of the world, she walks into mine.”) after which returns it remodeled into an instrument of torture (“If she will stand it, I can. Play it!”).


It might be argued that the wedding between Resistance chief Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) and Ilsa is an instance of eros as effectively, and for Victor, that’s in all probability true, although the parental position he performed in Ilsa’s life may imply that his started as a storge form of love. For Ilsa, the connection is most undoubtedly an advanced instance of storge. Not solely is her love extra that of a kid than a grown girl—and, to be frank, gender norms usually forged girls as youngsters in an unequal stability of relational energy—but additionally one in all accustoming herself to a person for whom she has no actual romantic emotions, one thing notably acute as soon as Ilsa and Rick are reunited.

Victor has been via nice hardship by the hands of the Nazis, however his biggest tragedy is poignantly communicated when he tells Rick that he is aware of they each love the identical girl: “Apparently you consider me solely because the chief of a trigger. Nicely, I’m additionally a human being. Sure, I really like her that a lot.”


Storge and philia are greatest exemplified by Louis Renault (Claude Rains), Casablanca’s French police captain. A functionary of the Vichy authorities, Renault is the final word survivor, making his manner by having no convictions in any respect. Flattering Main Heinrich Strasser (Conrad Veidt), a Gestapo officer who has been pursuing Laszlo since his escape from a Nazi focus camp, Renault says, “We’re very honored tonight, Rick. Main Strasser is without doubt one of the causes the Third Reich enjoys the fame it has at the moment.

” Strasser says, “You repeat Third Reich as if you anticipated there to be others!” In a deft sleight of hand that reveals his storge regard for France’s conquerers, Renault replies, “Nicely, personally, Main, I’ll take what comes.” Renault’s double meanings in coping with Strasser are doubled by his philia love for Rick as a person of like thoughts, “the one one in Casablanca with much less scruples than I.” Beneath their nonchalant exteriors, each nurture the love that conquers all in Casablanca—the love of humanity, agape.


Sure, the central love of Casablanca is agape in any case. What sacrifice will the characters on this movie not make for love of nation, of humanity. It’s this attachment to a super, to the thread that binds us all collectively on the most simple, non secular degree that resounds in era after era of film followers. Whereas there are unbelievable scenes of romantic love all through Casablanca, led by Ingrid Bergman’s luminous presence and Humphrey Bogart’s commanding tenderness, probably the most soul-stirring scenes are explosions of agape, reminiscent of when Laszlo instructions the combo at Rick’s to play “La Marseillaise” to counter the Germans singing “Die Wacht am Rhein” in celebration of their very own camaraderie.

The 2 songs are completely counterpointed in Curtiz’s enhancing and Max Steiner’s scoring, a symbolic battle of beliefs to justify the sacrifices the movie’s audiences and their proxies on the display screen have been then making on and off the battlefield. That this scene nonetheless resonates relates solely partially to what fashionable audiences know concerning the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis—the love of freedom is a love that’s bred within the bone.

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Curtiz and the sensible script by Julius and Philip Epstein and Howard Koch frequently counterpoint the soul-shriveled with the virtuous. The murdering, grasping fixer Ugarte (Peter Lorre), whose possession of the letters of transit that might see Ilsa and Victor safely out of Casablanca constitutes nothing greater than a get-rich-quick scheme, contrasts Rick’s motives in maintaining the letters, a option to regain his misplaced love and never on the market to Victor at any worth. Yvonne (Madeleine Lebeau), Rick’s jilted lover, perverts romantic love by maintaining firm with the German officers.


But each Rick and Yvonne let go of their bitterness when confronted with the facility of agape. Yvonne joins in singing “La Marseillaise,” tears streaming down her face, and Rick utters his immortal speech as he sends Victor and Ilsa off to proceed the struggle in America: “I’ve received a job to do, too. The place I’m going, you possibly can’t observe.

What I’ve received to do, you possibly can’t be any a part of. Ilsa, I’m no good at being noble, nevertheless it doesn’t take a lot to see that the issues of three little folks don’t quantity to a hill of beans on this loopy world. Sometime you’ll perceive that.” His eros love resolved and remodeled by these paternalistic phrases into storge love, he has set Ilsa free to make her marriage an actual one and located freedom for himself to return to a life that may categorical its love of humanity and maybe, in the future, to search out romantic love once more. Casablanca’s uncommon and great ending leaves us not eager for the lovers to unite, however uplifted by the common love that it so fantastically affirms.

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