Christmas – Feast with positioning and profitability

Yeah, Christmas is coming. Christian or not, you, my reader, will agree that the topic deserves a chapter in relation to the major themes highlighted in the title of this post. If you do not agree, I’ll put some ideas that show the strength in terms of branding and positioning the “Christmas” means.

Let us therefore begin with the easiest, the holiday: There are over 2000 years, religiously (in every sense), the date is celebrated by Christians. As of late September, early October, we see that the shops, people, everyone begins to breathe the atmosphere of Christmas. Arriving in December then it becomes uproar. Whether in the Northern Hemisphere, this time of year is in winter, in the south, which is midsummer, Christmas is always celebrated. Interesting that in the past, celebration of the death and not the birth of his saints was the main tradition among Christians. And then came Christmas!

And then came the economic part, profitable…

The economic impact of Christmas is one factor that has grown steadily over the past centuries in many regions of the world. As the exchange of gifts and many other aspects of the Christmas party involving an increase in economic activity between Christians and non Christians, the party became a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses. According to PNC Wealth Management, if a person bought everything from the 12 Days of Christmas for their true love, it would cost them $87,403(!!!).  In Brazil, for example, we have a series of products that are sold only at this time, as Panettones, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, decorations, ornaments and others. This generates jobs growth, becoming the most profitable time for retailers during the year. Christmas is the center of year-end holidays and the holiday season, besides being good at time of payment of wages and bonus extras!

And face it: what a well thought date!

And well worked! Personally, I’d rather have the $87,403, but…

Which brand has an icon like Santa Claus, known globally (thanks for Coke costume!)? What props can put in the homes of rich people or poor? What do competitors talk about the same subject and make advertisements almost identical? Generating family reunion?

More than anything, which brand can generate this expectation of consumption? And this, at least for me, is the great learning that Christmas is: it raises expectations of consumption.

I’m sure many will say that Christmas infected me. I accept the criticism. I’m looking forward to the 24th. And probably spend too much money on products that the next day will become unnecessary.

Ah, if a brand makes that…

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