Continental developed a new wireless charging method for electric vehicles

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. One of the most important problems in today’s electric vehicles is charging of the vehicles. Continental developed a solution for this problem.

As you know, one of the most critical points of wireless charging technology is to do the alignment correctly. The electric vehicle must be correctly parked on the charge point for maximum efficiency.  Even a few centimeters of deviation to be made during parking can cause a significant reduction in the current. Continental claims that the micro-alignment system it has developed solves this problem.

When a car with a system approaches the wireless charging point, the system allows the car and the charger to communicate. The technology then automatically directs the car to the right point and gives confirmation when the charging starts.

Thomas Röhrl, an engineer working for Continental who developed this technology, says that the system will be beneficial to electric vehicle users especially in bad weather. He says he believes inductive charging will play an important role in making electric car charging more practical and user friendly.

The company foresees that this new charging system will be installed in parking spaces inside the cities. Cars equipped with Continental technology will be able to identify and reserve available parking spaces, and then the car will direct itself to the charging point and recharge it. At a charging point of up to 11 kW, each minute of charge travels back at 1 km, which means that after 20 minutes of market shopping, the vehicle will gain another 20 km.

Because the charge is constant, it is less likely to have any kind of damage like robbery. When a foreign object comes between the car and the charger, the system that detects it can prevent situations such as electric shock to possible animals.

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