Cope with stress by reducing your consumptions

Reduce consumption if you want a stress-free life. Have you ever think about the connection between stress and consumption? It’s really hard to imagine a bond between these two. In fact, lack of money is a major source of stress, but having money above a certain level and having more goods than others can also be a source of stress. As your money increase, you want to buy more and want to get even more. As you increase your property, the possibility of losing or breaking your property increase and your fears to lose them increase. You are worried about the possibility of luxury car’s being damaged, when you park it in public. Namely, if you have so many things, new concerns will be added to your life. Beside all these new concerns, most things you buy necessitate extra and long hours work which causes new stresses on you.

Do you need more goods to have a more restful and peaceful life? A second car, a cottage, new furnishings, more clothes, new technological tools can give you a short-term pleasure, but can you guarantee that you will be peaceful in the long run with all these unnecessary things? Do we have to have more to feel better? Having a lot of assets is not on the list of happiness. The people we live with and work with, being healthy, living and working in the environment we want are the main element that makes people happier than having a lot of goods and money.

As consumption is concerned, it is necessary to pay attention to the fine line between need and desire. Needs are necessary to live, especially to survive, and be comfortable. Desires are what we want, nıt the things we need. Unfortunately, in modern society, our needs and our desires are mixed. Many things that the previous generations do not need are vital for us nowadays. We have more than one car, have homes in a few towns; we have lots of clothes that we forget to wear. We see the mobile phone as a part of our body and we cannot relax if we don’t renew it every three months. Well, are we as peaceful and happy as our predecessors?

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