Donald Trump taking control … from @Potus Twitter handle

Donald Trump taking Friday as President of the United States 45-and thus inherit the outgoing leader’s Twitter account the White House Barack Obama.

In the “transition from media” first at the White House, Trump became the owner of the Twitter handles @ POTUS, who represents the President of United States.

Transitions Twitter started suddenly, with a picture of Obama’s inauguration in 2009 briefly on the account, before being fixed minutes later.

The White House said last year that Obama would provide a substitute to control the account and any other social media platform that was launched during the eight years of Obama.

Obama, meanwhile, took the management of the new Twitter @ POTUS44, keeping about 13.9 million followers and tweets are archived in turn.

The incoming first lady Melania Trump takes control and Michelle Obama @FLOTUS changed to @ FLOTUS44.

Accounts of the President and first lady are starting with a clean slate without tweets from his predecessors.

Trump quickly get around 4.3 million followers to new Twitter handle within the first hour. But he keeps tweeting from the @realDonaldTrump old account, which has more than 20 million followers.

“The men and women of our country are forgotten, and will not be forgotten,” Trump said in one of his tweets on Friday. “From now on, it will be #AmericaFirst”

It was not immediately clear how Trump driving alone or if his staff was tweeting for her.

Some reports say Trump agreed to market a smartphone this week for new security device is reinforced by the Secret Service. Obama is using a device that does not have many online features because of security concerns.

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