Five Bicycle Campers for Recreation, Travel and Shelter

Camping and traveling by bicycle is fun. In fact, there are far more bicyclists than motorists worldwide. These five bicycle campers can be used for recreation, but they can also provide shelter for homeless individuals as well.

Some of these campers have amenities such as electrical outlets, television, sink or beds and others are a basic place to sleep. In many areas of the world and in a disaster, having somewhere to sleep and keep the elements at bay can be lifesaving.

Here are bicycle campers available on the market today. They may not be available everywhere, but good ideas and products have a way of coming to markets.

Housetrike Three-Wheeled Camper

This tricycle resembles those of street vendors, with a few exceptions. It’s designed to allow the user to collect metal or other recyclables, or to make deliveries. That way, the owner can earn money for food and other necessities. It can also store belongings.

When parked, the owner simply undoes a few latches, deploys the stabilizers and the box extends to provide a secure sleeping space. The inside lid locks from the inside to protect the user through the night.

Admittedly, it somewhat resembles a coffin that the person is climbing into, but it is a universe of difference between sleeping under newspapers or having a safe place to spend the night.

Kamp Rite Bushtrekka Midget Camper

This bicycle camper comes in two-bed sizes, standard, and oversized sleeping cot. Both feature stabilizers that prevent tipping when the tent is set up and cargo space beneath the tent. The tent folds down to form a lid for the cargo space. Gear can be carried on top of the camper, or in the cyclist’s backpack.

Both campers have four wheels, which allows saving travel over most surfaces. The tent has zippered windows and ventilation so the cyclist has a comfortable bed for the night.

The QT Van

The QT van is a marvel of Britain’s ETA company. It measures approximately six-feet long, and approximately 29 ½ inches wide. It is nearly three-feet tall and so lightweight that anyone can pull this miniature caravan, also called a travel trailer in the US, with a bicycle or scooter. Stabilizers lower to ensure a level and secure night’s sleep. Inside, the door locks and the sleeper can stretch out on a single bed.

The van comes with a shelf, a 19” television and an outlet to plug in your kettle for tea. So far, I haven’t heard of any plans to sell them in the US, but you can easily convert the electrics to US standards. If you are interested, the company’s email address is

Tricycle House

This tricycle house is one of the unique ideas I’ve seen so far. The polypropylene house portion sits behind the seat and pedal area. When parked, the accordion-like structure pulls out to create interior space. A sink, water faucet, bed, stove and a bath are amenities are offered with some models. There is no electric, but battery operated, hand-crank or solar lanterns and appliances are easy to use and carry.

Topeka Bikamper One Person Bicycling Tent

The lightest of all bicycle campers, this compact 10” by 5.5” stuff sack opens to provide a tent for one person, complete with windows and a rainfly. It utilizes the bike and its front wheel instead of a conventional frame.

For bicycle tourists, those whose trailers are full of gear or do not want to pull a trailer, this is an economic and lightweight solution for nightly shelter.

These campers are available online at such sites as ETA, Amazon, and others. View DIY bicycle campers on UTube to get ideas and build your own. Some of the ideas are amazing.

No matter what part of the world a bicyclist lives in, these campers can provide shelter, transportation or a means of making a living. Fortunately, the only fuel required for transportation is muscle power.

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