Google Chrome will prevent ads

Technology giant Google announced that the new version of its internet browser program Google Chrome, which is going to be released next year, will block ads on the internet.

According to the announcement of Google, the new version of Chrome will prevent music and videos that automatically start playing with ads that are available on the internet pages that users visit. On the other hand, while most of the website owners are financing their own business with advertising revenue, it is noted that Google will demand a fee to filter the advertisements and that this fee will be 10 percent.

As a result, users will pay a fee to view the internet pages that they visit completely without advertisement, and if they cannot pay, they will show only ads that meet certain standards on internet sites.

It is disclosed that Google participated in the “Coalition for Better Ads” community which aims to set a better standard for ads on the internet. And, it is said that the ads that do not meet the standards of this community will not be shown to the users.

It is underlined that no ads will be shown to the users on sites that exceed a certain number of filtered ad counts while emphasizing that Google will not show advertisements to the users by filtering out ads that do not meet certain criteria.

It is also reported that the new version of Chrome will be available for personal computers and mobile devices. Technology experts point out that third-party ad blocker applications have become widespread among Internet users, and this is affecting the ad revenues of the companies negatively.

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