Have you made sure your images are optimized?

It’s been a whole week since you signed up for the EWWW Image Optimizer and I wanted to make sure things were going well for you, as well as offer some tips for making the most of EWWW IO.

One thing that sets EWWW IO apart from most image optimization plugins is the ability to optimize ANY image in your WordPress install. Using the Folders to Optimize setting on the advanced tab, you can make sure no image is left behind. Some themes even auto-generate images within the uploads folder that aren’t tracked in your WordPress database. Adding your uploads folder and running another scan is a sure way to enforce image optimization site-wide.

If you run into trouble scanning larger folders and happen to use a webhost that supports WP-CLI, we have a handy WP-CLI command just for you. Run ‘wp-cli.phar help ewwwio optimize‘ for more information, and make timeouts a thing of the past. You can ask your webhost how to use WP-CLI, there are a lot of powerful WP-CLI commands that could come in handy down the road!

As always, if you have questions about using these advanced features, or anything else, shoot me a quick email, and I’ll be glad to help you out. If you have any ideas for the Docs site, or perhaps you’ve run across something you think could be done better, just let me know!


Happy Optimizing!

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