How China is pressuring the young generation to get married?

The Communist Youth League of China announced that guidance and matchmaking services will be provided to the single people to get married before they reach their age. Many companies throughout the country started to pressurize their employees to get married as soon as possible, after the Communist Youth League of China explained that they would help those seeking marriage.

According to the official media of China, the Global Times, the Communist Youth League of China announced last week that the positive aspects of family and marriage will be told through the media so that singles can get married before they age. They declared that guidance and matchmaking services will be provided.

After the announcement of the Communist Youth League, many companies acted to have their single employees married. Companies that force their employees to join mass appointments in parks and stadiums to find their right spouse even take “polls” to keep participation high. People are asked to act like bride and groom at mass-gathering events.

On the other hand, bachelors complain about the pressure of the companies for marriage. The singles, who share their thoughts from the country’s social media platform Weibo, are complaining about companies pushing for marriage and forcing them to join events called dating appointment.

The single population in China has reached 200 million by 2015. Officials of China say the situation is worrying for the country’s youth. If the situation continues this way, the young population in China may decline in the near future.

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