How to Install Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile installation has turned into a work practically everyone can do. It is mainly simply because that such tiles are now being made in such a manner which enabling installation easily. Let’s summarize the key steps needed.

The equipments you’ll need are measuring tape, Vinyl tiles, Utility knife, Water, Bucket, Rag, Mop, Underlayment, Caulk


Look at the area you want to deal with. Based on the dimensions, figure out how much vinyl tiles you need to buy. Ensure that you give some extra tiles for allowance needs.


Then, make the room ready by taking out any furniture and wiping the floor well. You might also need to examine the subflooring in order to make sure that it really is in good shape prior to installing vinyl tiles. It is very important to keep a level/ stage floor, so if there are any sort of uneven areas, cracks or holes, you should do the required adjustments and repairs.

Install the Padding

Next, install the underlayment/ padding. This is particularly essential when the floor is pretty uneven.

Cutting the Tiles

Next, you need to cut the vinyl tiles to match the place you want to cover. Work with a utility knife to do this task and then try to be as accurate as you possibly can.

Installing the Vinyl Tiles

The majority of vinyl tiles are fast and simple to install. You simply need to remove the backing then put the tile carefully on the floors. Push it down and then try to ensure that it really is even. While installing the tiles near it, you have to make sure that it is linear.


Last but not least, use caulking in every gap in order to get a tidier final result.

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