Hungarian school coach crash in Italy, 16 killed

Authorities said Monday that sixteen people were killed when a coach carrying Hungarian teenager home from a ski trip crashed and caught fire on a highway in Northern Italy overnight.

It seems that the victims were killed by the tragedy near Verona around 11:00 pm (2200 GMT) could have been worse was never for bravery and quick thinking of teachers.

emergency workers said the bus which was carrying 56 people who returned from France, mostly adolescents 14 to 16 years and some teachers and two drivers, storming a bridge.

A huge inferno very quickly engulfed the bus, dramatic images released by police shows, totally destroyed the interior and reduce vehicle for fire burning.

Some were killed when they were thrown by the coach on the impact, but most of the victims were found with the body burned in a vehicle after being unable to escape in time.

The Hungarian Government says three people are in a very serious condition, including one with an artificial coma. Ten more wounded and 13 minor injuries.

All treated in a nearby hospital. Twelve people who were not wounded received counseling at a nearby hotel.

“These are children, it is very hard to take, everyone thinks they own,” said the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, at a press conference in Budapest.

“Of course, the Hungarian Government will do everything necessary to ease the pain of the families.”

If a driver falls asleep?

Lacquaniti Girolamo, head of traffic police from Verona, said on the radio that there were no other vehicles involved, points to a mechanical failure or human error as the driver fell asleep.

“Coach travel at a constant speed and have found traces of braking,” said Lacquaniti. the vehicle caught fire “moment after impact,” he said.

One driver was among the dead, Italy media reported.

Describing “shatter”, he told Radio Capitale after securing Lacquaniti that 13 passengers managed to escape by jumping.

“Those who sit in the back of the bus were saved by breaking a window in the Middle shouts and panic,” said the Hungarian Consul in Italy Judit Taffy media Italy.

“A gym teacher saved many who were on board the bus again and was taken to hospital with serious burns on the back,” said Taffy.

He said the driver has changed about an hour before the accident.

traffic police are still collecting evidence and proof video consultation, meaning that it was “still too early to determine the cause of this tragedy,” said Lacquaniti.

After the fire was extinguished, emergency workers had to wait for the judge to give his approval to comb the remains of smoking, then spent the rest of the evening making to set the total number of deaths.

Szinyei in high school, in the heart of Budapest, is known and a good academic reputation, people laid flowers and candles on Saturday, said an AFP photographer.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed horror and shock.

“The loss of a child, the young child’s life, is the worst for any family, community or nation,” Orban said in a statement to state news agency MTI.

“At this moment of mourning and I pray with the families and loved ones of those affected by this tragedy,” said Orban.

Some parents of the children arrived at the headquarters of the traffic police of Verona on Saturday morning and 10 or younger.

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