Jallikattu: rain or shine, protests continue in Tamil Nadu

CHENNAI: “I haven’t seen anything like this in my life.” This is a common refrain when pro-Jallikattu protest Marina Beach Chennai + entered the fifth day on Saturday. For most of them, only compared to protests like this in Tamil Nadu is anti-Hindi agitation of 1965. But the difference is that anti-Hindi violent agitation, while pro-Jallikattu protests in Chennai and other parts of the country are peaceful, majestic, evoking the broad support of the people of all the parts.

People, including elderly people, women, and children who wore black dress went to Marina from around the city and other counties since morning. Some walked with a banner reading “Ban MAP” and “we want Jallikattu”.

As in the last few days, young people hitting the drums, dancing and shouting slogans supporting Jallikattu. Even children are seen hitting drums and shouting slogans. Some blew the conch to the passionate crowd. Protesters elsewhere, sitting in the sand under the blazing sun. Despite the rain that was expected, it was not rained in Chennai until Monday afternoon.

On Friday, several lakhs is alleged to have visited the Marina Beach + to expand support for the protesters. The number of visitors will be more or less the same on Saturday afternoon also because of weakening.

Protests continued in Alanganallur, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and other parts of the country. In Trichy, protesters clashed with the rain and stay in places where protests.
Pudukottai and Rameswaram, fishermen took part in the protest. They make the black flag on their ships, which remained anchored in the harbor.
Quick to Jallikattu
DMK Tory MLAs and MPs who observed a hunger strike on Saturday demanding that the Center lifted the prohibition of Jallikattu. Led by the President of MK Stalin, 85 of 89 deputies and three of the four members of Rajya Sabha they participate in fasting Value Kottam in Chennai.

The DMK President M Karunanidhi, that is not good, is not participating in the protests. Two members of the Vellore do not participate as party cadres were killed in a rail roko Friday. The party is Rajya Sabha MP R S Bharathi unable to attend as his sister died Friday. fast will end at 17:00.

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