Japan conducts simulation exercises of confrontation between China and Taiwan: report

Japan will conduct the exercise table next week to simulate their response in case of a military confrontation between China and Taiwan, said Japan’s media. Self-defense forces conducted exercises from Monday until Friday with the U.S. military’s participation as an observer, said a source from the Government of Japan Kyodo News.

The exercise, which does not involve actual troops, arguing that the U.S. and Japan respond to military conflict, Kyodo said in a report Thursday.

A spokesman for Japan’s Defense Ministry declined to comment.

Chinese Foreign Ministry says Japan should stay out of the so-called “internal affairs”.

“I think this reflects that some people in Japan have a particular mindset that the last thing they want is a stable world,” said Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying at the regular press conference in Beijing Friday.

“I want to emphasize that the issue of Taiwan is the internal affairs of China, and we hope that Japan is very careful with his words and his actions … and do nothing to undermine regional peace and stability.”
The relationship between China and Taiwan island is determined by yourself, which Beijing considers a province of disobedience, has been tense since the election of Donald Trump in November as u.s. President.

China was furious with phone calls between the billionaire and leader of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen.

Further angered by suggestions that the policy of “one China” Trump can be negotiated and demanded that Washington would prohibit the delegation of Taipei since the inauguration.

Exercise next week will test army of Japan after the new laws expand his power beyond self-defense are tight, the condition of the postwar pacifist constitution.

The legislation, which came into force in March, allowing Japan’s troops are technically doing the fight overseas if Japan’s security is threatened.

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