La La Land: Is That Really Ryan Gosling Playing the Piano?!

La La Land could be the many charming film of 2016, but form performing and dance, a particular ingredient can impress you: Ryan Gosling’s keyboard abilities. He represents a struggling punk purist while in the picture, and there are a few audio moments that will cause one to surprise whether or not it’s definitely Gosling enjoying or even a body-double. Scary as it might be, it is positively Gosling enjoying the entire period!

“infact, there is not just a simple closeup opportunity of [the character] Sebastian’s palms while in the whole movie that is clearly a keyboard increase,” representative Damien Chazelle stated in a click function for your video. “It Is all Ryan.” Perhaps John Story, that has an inferior aspect while in the picture, was pleased: “I used to be jealous, male,” he explained. “Seeing him perform, I used to be like, ‘Whoa, this person is truly good-and he simply discovered this within the last several weeks.’ It is quite incredible.”

How is anyone this accomplished?

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