Malaysia to cherish any private company which found the plane MH370 Plane

Kuala LUMPUR: Malaysia Thursday said it would pay a reward for any private company which found the aircraft MH370 of Malaysia Airlines, days after three years of hunting without the results pending.

Australia, Malaysia, and China ended a search for the aircraft on Tuesday, leaving one of the biggest mysteries of the missed flight in the world.

Boeing 777 disappeared March 2014 travel to Beijing from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, with 239 people on board.

Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi Malaysia said the Government is open to private companies who are looking for a credible and giving the prize to anyone who found the plane.

“All the costs to be borne by them, just appreciate if they succeeded,” said Abdul Aziz told Reuters.

He said the size of the prize has not yet been decided. Any company that intends to seek to contact the Government, and the decision will be taken on the reward, he said.

Search for an area of 120,000 square kilometers (46,000 square miles) of Indian Ocean costs about A $200 million ($ 150 million).

But the three countries involved reluctant to continue to search for new evidence at the final resting place of the aircraft.

MH370 flight lost contact with the Gulf of Thailand in the early hours of March 8, 2014. Further analysis of the radar and satellites contacts suggested that someone in the forums may have been intentionally turned off a plane transponder divert before thousands of kilometers above the Indian Ocean.

Since the accident, there have been competing theories about whether the plane was hijacked and if it was under the control of a person when he eventually ran out of fuel.


The end of the underwater search results in fast and furious relatives of people who were on the vessel, which has repeatedly called for expanded hunting reaction.
“We know that family members are not happy when we suspend the search,” said Abdul Aziz.

“We cannot continue until the new evidence, but if there is a credible company that wants to start a search, why not?” he said.

The only confirmed traces of the plane have been found three pieces of debris washed in the State of Mauritius, Reunion and the French island an island off Tanzania.

Alleged to have left the plane for another 30 pieces of debris that are found on the coast of Mozambique, Tanzania, and South Africa.

On Wednesday, Australia said it did not cover the possibility of underwater search in the future.

Malaysia has the primary responsibility for finding because Malaysia Airlines listed there. It is believed that the plane crashed West of Australia, placing it in the maritime areas of responsibility.

Most of the passengers came from China.

Abdul Aziz said the search fee has been paid by the three countries while the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, not doing anything.

“There has funded the Boeing,” he said.

Boeing said in a statement that provided expertise and assistance, mainly as an advisor to the authority of government research.

“In addition, the direction and under the supervision of the investigating parties, Boeing gave the example of hardware testing and analysis, laboratory services,” the company said.

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