Marine Valve And Butterfly Valves

Dikkan group is an important technology gate that opens to İzmir to the World.

The firm which has many brands in its place is accepted as an important actor in the production of industrial products. There are many valve types in Turkey based company, such as ship, water and sewage, agriculture and special production. Marine valves, waterworks valves, gate valves, butterfly valves.

Marina valves are one of the important tools used for all operational valve operations. Thanks to its powerful and convenient structure, it can work even in large pressure areas. In addition, it operates at high efficiency even at high and very low temperature ranges. Dıkkan firm has been marketing marina valve varieties to the market with the approval of all calibration and certification centers. All products use strong and wear-resistant metals and alloys.

Marina valves are important tools used in mobile robots or automation systems. It is vital that these tools are robust and accurate angles. Otherwise, wear and drift can lead to overturning of large vehicles.

Butterfly valve is a valve that is very easy to wear and flexible. Therefore, the isolation and clamping system of these valves is of great importance. Tumbling rings and trunk unit are the members of this business. These elements must contain very dense galvanized alloys.

Choose the valves that are easy to maintain the T-bolt. Otherwise you may have to constantly change. In addition, gearboxes, electric actuators and hydraulic systems can also be used to provide protection for larger pressures.

The marina valves work continuously so that wear can occur. To prevent this, finely machined internal parts should be used.

Butterfly valves and marina valves, the body and covers must be of superior quality and durability in order to ensure a balanced load on the seal. For all this and more, stop by



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