Meet a Few of Our Newest Yahoo!’s

We’ve never added up the collective number of years of Internet experience in Yahoo!, but we know that we’ve just added about 100 years to the grand total.

Whether you’re an intern or an SVP, the new hire orientation is a Yahoo! rite of passage. I recently sat down with five of our newest recruits, who add more than a century of experience to our purple universe (sorry, guys, it’s true) and who represent the kind of amazing new people who join us here at Yahoo! every day.

What excites you about being a Yahoo?

Bill Shaughnessy, SVP of Product Management: I’ve always admired Yahoo!, and it was clear to me that the company has all the right ingredients for a winning future. My passion is for customers, building great teams and creating an environment where decision making is clear and people are empowered and accountable for their work.

David Rice, VP of Media Products: I’ve worked with Blake [Irving, Yahoo!’s chief product officer] before, and he is an amazing leader. I wanted to be part of what I knew he could do at Yahoo!. Having also worked for Yahoo! several years ago, the opportunity to lead the product vision for these media properties on such a massive scale was something I quite simply couldn’t pass up!

John Matheny, SVP of Communications and Communities: I have always viewed Yahoo! as leader and driver of innovation. I am proud to be part of a team that puts users first and delivers significant revenue growth to the company. I’m ready to help Yahoo! continue to grow as a global leader in communications, community, and content technologies and experiences.

Where were you before you became a Yahoo?

Bobby Figueroa, VP of Consumer Advertising Experience: I come to Yahoo! from Google, where I had multiple responsibilities under the Product Management and Product Marketing team for all advertising products, including AdWords, AdSense, and DoubleClick.

John: I’ve worked in Silicon Valley for the bulk of my career, with roles at Sun, Apple, WebTV, and Microsoft. I come bearing more than 30 years experience developing software and services for consumers – most recently as a creator of new experiences and cloud services for mobile.

What skills or experiences do you feel will enhance your role at Yahoo!?

Bobby: I actually started my career as a brand manager at Procter & Gamble, a bit odd for an Electrical Engineer but had a lot of fun working in laundry, bar soaps, and tissue and towel products, so I definitely have a diverse view of consumer advertising needs. One of the highlights on the tech front was driving instant messaging, growing a service from 25 million users to over 275 million.

Todd Papaioannou, VP of Cloud Computing: I was previously at Teradata and Greenplum, so I have a background in Big Data, and that’s something we have in abundance at Yahoo!. At Teradata, I drove the whole Cloud Computing program, so I’ve been working in this space for a number of years.

What quirky tidbit should the world know about your life outside the office?

Bill: I coach my kids’ baseball teams, and on the other end of the spectrum, I am an admitted biographile. You can usually find me reading books about notable persons and historical events. I love biographies.

John: I like to bake bread with my kids on the weekends. It’s a great platform for teaching them about history, culture, nutrition, chemistry, fractions, economics, and so much more.

David: I love collecting Rubik’s Cubes from the ’80s, and I have about 200 – yes, there actually are that many variations. I also have a huge passion for geopolitical change, so I study changes from the 1800s through the present. I collect maps, atlases, and –most unfortunately for my better half –globes (storage is quite an issue).

Bobby: I love spending every moment I can with my 1-year-old son, Max. I enjoy playing golf and skiing, water and snow. I enjoy sampling tequila, red wine, and my own culinary creations when off the links or skies.

Todd: I love the Ocean. I’m at my happiest when in it, near it or doing something related to it. I love to surf and try to be as active as possible in Ocean conservancy groups. I also love spending time with my three kids who keep me extremely busy!

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