Metro Movie Review: Focuses on real life issues of Chain Snatching

Aal Movie director Ananda Krishnan is back with Tamil Action Thriller film Metro Starring Shirish and Bobby Simha. Metro hits to the Tamil Box Office Today. The film highlight the impact and menace of Chain snatching on the society. The film is made to spread awareness about chain snatching to the women and society.


Metro is Certified A by the Indian Censor Board due to its violent content. E5 Entertainments’ Metro Productions managed to impress the Audiences by Stellar Performances. Makers managed to create the impact on audiences about the brutality involved in Chain Snatching.

Metro Movie Storyline is Quite interesting and edge of Seat Thriller. Shirish Plays role as Journalist and Sathya plays his young Brother. Sathya wants to get High-end Bike but his father and brother can’t afford it. Sathya followed another approach of Chain Snatching to make some bucks very fast. From then onwards story takes ups and Down.

Not only the Storyline but movie is just out of the Box in Terms of Technical Parts and Performances of Lead and Supportive cast. In Short, The movie is worth giving time focuses on current Social issues. Public Response outside the Theaters is more on the positive side and people rated maximum to Metro.

Box Office Bull Rating – 3 Stars out of 5

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