North Korea is preparing to launch new missiles: report

North Korea is preparing to test a new rocket, as reported by a report on Thursday after its leader Kim Jong-Un said the country was in the final stages of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile. Pyongyang’s missile program and the pursuit of nuclear weapons has been repeatedly approved by the UN Security Council.

Citing senior officials from military sources in South Korea and South Korea and the U.S., the Yonhap News Agency as saying the new missile has two Southern loaded onto the mobile Launcher.

It is believed will be equipped with a new engine that the North tested last April, he added, when Pyongyang said that the “guarantees” a nuclear attack might be on the United States mainland.

The existence of the missile appears to have been intentionally leaked by Pyongyang, according to Yonhap, to send a “message” to the incoming President of the United States, Donald Trump, who will be sworn in on Friday.

CNN and other news from the United States, citing a U.S. Defense official said last week that the Pentagon has deployed a high-tech radar system based on X-band to monitor the possibility of launching a long-distance missile in front of the moon.

A spokesman for the Joint Chief of staff of South Korea said the report unverified Yonhap.

Kim Jong-Un said North Korea was in “the final stages” of developing ICBM.
He said the country has been significantly strengthened nuclear deterrence in 2016, pointing to a series of nuclear and missile tests last year.

Analysts are divided over how close Pyongyang to realize its nuclear ambitions, especially since he never successfully tested ICBM.

But all agree that it has made great strides in that direction since Kim took over from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who died in December 2011.

A senior U.S. defense officials said last month that North Korea had developed the ability to match the nuclear warheads with missiles and launch it.

But he has not yet mastered the ability to carry weapons from outer space and towards the target, he said.

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