Positioning – from budget to budget

I recently read an article on brand positioning when I came across something unusual. In the midst of all those matters already expected such as mission, values, soul, brand personality, appeared the aforementioned “unusual factors”: a hyperlink to purchase a manual “on how to manage and position brands”.

Look, nothing against tutorials, examples, tips and all details that can make an outsider or novice more informed about the wacky and challenging world of marketing. However, as this came across from a much respected magazine – which will remain unnamed – I stopped to reflect how our commercial interest may affect the subject of this article: positioning.

For those who now ask me why, I return with another question: Does it make sense for a prestigious business and a respected magazine to author a how-to brand manual? One more question, to reinforce my point of view: If the magazine is positioned for an audience that supposedly experiences marketing topics 24 hours a day, do they really need a manual?

I support the principle that it doesn’t. Especially because, as a Brazilian, emerging as the feature, I definitely expect our executives to be light years away from this reality. Second, I also suffer from the extreme commercial pressures for meeting budget, revenue targets, profitability, etc. But keep in mind that a slide in my trade policies may affect the company’s brand that I represent – and their customers.

However, if positioning is everything that involves the use and coordination of many communication resources to maximize the consistency and clarity of the brand message (source: magazine motto of this post), its commercial assets, even in times of pressure for budget, as in November, should they not follow their own advice?

I cheer this guide as really something amazing that teaches all interested parties to make marketing so perfectly that it shines! I do cheer a lot! I, as nonreader of this manual, will do something different, not combined with others like competitors. I will do something that I believe with soul and personality; things that you may not find in a how-to manual. And I will stand, surely, in another mental space.

You may not buy me. But you’ll certainly know why you did not buy.

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