Tamil Nadu Governor signs Ordinance to JAL ikat TU

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Governor c. Vidyasagar Rao on Saturday announced the rules for the behavior of JAL ikat TU.
Government Union Friday cleared the draft regulations to state + to change the prevention of cruelty to Animals Act 1960, which allowed the implementation of JAL ikat TU.
“The Governor gained the nod today to an Ordinance to amend the prevention of cruelty to Animals Act, which had the approval of President Pranab Mukherjee,” said Minister of Tamil Nadu o. Panneerselvam.
The Minister recalled his meeting with Prime Minister + Narendra Modi, Thursday. He is the State Government issued the Ordinance after receiving the instructions before the President required as set out in article 213 of the Constitution.
“The regulations were announced by the Government of Tamil Nadu and JAL ikat TU has to do with the spirit of the indigenous in the whole country with all the necessary protection,” said the Minister.
The Minister will depart to Madurai on Saturday night and the flag off JAL ikat TU in Alanganallur + at 10 pm on Sunday. In other districts, the local Minister will inaugurate the event.
Panneerselvam said the State Government will introduce a BILL replacing the rules Monday, the first day of the session of the Assembly.
Shortly after the rule was enacted, Panneerselvam shot off a letter to the Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi thanked him on behalf of the Government and the people, for all the support and assistance in enabling JAL ikat TU which will be held in the countrys during Pongal season, upholding the culture and traditions of the country.

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