The boy allegedly killed eight years throw heart to school for revenge

LUDHIANA: in the terrible incident, a 15-year-old boy suspected of killing his classmates and cut her body into pieces in Ludhiana, police said today.

The sacrifice of eight years, Deepu, and defendant is being studied in the same school and belonged to the adjacent village in Uttar Pradesh.

During the initial investigation revealed that the children bring home Deepu immigrants in Ludhiana on the pretext of kite flying last week and strangled her, said Deputy Commissioner of police Bhupinder Singh.

The youth then cut her body into six pieces and packed his body in two gunny sacks and threw the empty plot in Dugri road.
He removed the heart of a victim’s body and threw the body in the location of their school because he wanted to defame the good name of the institution, the official said.

Police told the defendant he had a grudge against the school.

The family of the police to the defendant he likes to eat fresh meats and repeatedly chew your own skin said the official.

He said the investigation is “case sensitive”. The guns used in crimes were al

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