The Essential Phone sounds quite pretentious

New details about the Essential Phone continue to come. The Essential Phone, designed by Andy Rubin, the father of Android, will make a pretty ambitious entry into the market!

The Essential Phone, which took place on the smartphone market over the past few weeks, is preparing for a rather ambitious launch.

The first smart phone produced by the brand of Android’s father, Andy Rubin under the name of Essential products, was officially emerged.

It is not clear yet when the Essential Phone, which takes attention with its 5.71-inch QHD screen at 2560 x 1312 resolutions, will be on sale. However, in an interview with K, he explained that the device would begin the process of carving before the end of June.

It is not possible to buy the Essential Phone outside of the United States, which will be offered for sale with a price tag of $ 700. It should also be noted that the pre-order period, which was initiated exclusively for the citizens of the United States continues.

Most of the details about the phone are being known, but whether the LED notification light will be available on the new phone has not been exact until today. The picture of Essential Phone was officially released with a Tweet on the Twitter account of the company, along with a LED notification light on the new phone. This new LED notification light will be located right next to the front camera, and this notification light can be easily customized by the users.

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