The fastest electric car of the world

Tomahawk, which will be the fastest electric vehicle of the world, was seen finally. Tomahawk, which draws attention to its features, will be the greatest competitor of the Tesla Model S.

Technology continues to develop with each passing day. In parallel with the developing technology, the automobile industry, which is rising with rapid acceleration, does not slow down in innovations.

Certainly one of the first brands that come to mind when it is called electric car is Tesla. There is a competitor who is attentive to the automobile revolution, the speed and the signature of innovations in the nature of revolution, with the products of extremely technological wonders presented to the market.

Produced by Duboc Motors, the Tomahawk is already racing against its rival with its speed and features. It seems that Tomahawk will be a powerful and hard rival to Tesla Model S despite the fact that Duboc Motors see their all-electric supercar as a complement to Tesla’s model line rather than a competitor.

Tomahawk, which is currently in the concept phase, has recently been announced by the authorities to pass through production. Tomahawk, which is getting ready to carry the fastest electric car title when driven into the market, is almost a speed machine with 800 horsepower.

Tomahawk, that has a design resembling Lamborghini and Ferrari with its aggressive stance, is going to be very ambitious on the market. Tomahawk will go into production in 2018.

The company began a Testing the Waters campaign in 2016, when it showed the prototype of Tomahawk, and raised $6.1 million in initial funding reservations. Now that the campaign is in the live offering phase, Duboc Motors can convert those reservations into equity shares. We will see how Tomahawk will affect the electric automobile market.


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