Tim Cook officially released Apple’s car project

Tim Cook, number one technology giant of Apple made the first official statement about an autonomous vehicle project which has been spoken for years, but managed to remain as a mystery until now.

Apple CEO Tim Cook finally confirmed that Apple is working on driverless vehicle technology. The company’s automotive work has remained as a mystery for many years. Tim Cook declared in a statement to Bloomberg that Apple has been working on driverless vehicle technology for years.

In an interview made with Tim Cook at the WWDC conference of Apple on June 5th, Cook said that they focused on autonomous systems and saw it as a key fundamental technology. Apple’s CEO said that he saw the autonomous vehicle project as the mainstream of all artificial intelligence projects. He noticed that it was one of the toughest projects to actually work on.

Apple had not admitted to working on automotive technology until now. However, according to the news of Financial Times, the company has transferred dozens of automotive specialists from companies like Ford and Mercedes-Benz. According to Bloomberg, there are more than 1000 engineers working on automotive technology for Apple.

Apple’s driverless car business is known as “Project Titan” in the company. Initially it was estimated that Apple was working on its own car, but it is now believed that the company is focusing on building autonomous software. In the interview on Bloomberg Television, it can clearly be seen that Tim Cook is hesitating about explaining that Apple will eventually produce its own car.

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