Tips on Installing Tile on Outdoor Kitchen

You can add an outdoor kitchen to your home to entertain your guests and raise your home’s value. Lots of people that install an outside kitchen will add tile on its floor. Listed here are the fundamentals of methods to tile an outside kitchen.

Calculate the Kitchen Area

Make use of a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your outdoor kitchen space that you want to tile. Multiply the width and length together to obtain the sq footage of your room. Give 10% more to that measurement to ensure that you’ll have enough for waste and cuts.

Proper Tile

When you’re buying the tile for the project, then you will want to be certain that you will buy the right tile. You can’t use ceramic tile outdoors if you stay within an area that will get cold at any time around. If you are living in that kind of area, the water will soak in to the tile and it’ll break when the temperatures gets to the freezing level. If this sounds like the situation, you will want to buy porcelain as well as other kind of tile that’s created for outside jobs.

Marking the ground

Make use of a tape-measure to determine the center of your outdoor kitchen from both sides. Next, get a chalk line and then snap it on the center of your room from both sides.

Spread the Thinset

You’ve now learned exactly where room center is, you will wish to begin laying the tile there. Get your trowel and distribute some thinset on one chalk lines corners that you simply made.

Lay the Tile

Lightly lay a tile into the thinset. You need to press it firmly to ensure that no air space between the adhesive and tile. After that, place a tile spacer on every corner of your tile. Then you can put down other tile right facing tile spacers. Keep on installing all tiles this way until you reach the edges of your outdoor kitchen.

Making Cuts

Next step, measure how big the tile that you’ll need, then just mark the back of the tile for later cutting. Do an exact cut on the tile with a wet saw.


If all tiles are installed, you will need to allow it to dry for around 24 hours. The thinset is similar to concrete, also it takes time to cure.


You’ll then have to start grouting the tile. Utilize a trowel to put the grout on the joints. Ensure that you have filled all the joints with grout. You’ll then have to clean the residual grout from the tile. By using a sponge and bucket, clean up the grout from the tops of each tile. This can also assist you to even out the grout joints. Allow the grout dry overnight before walking on the kitchen floor.

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