Top 10 Online Computer Games

Digital entertainment has become one of the most important tools to meet our entertainment needs. Millions of computer and console games are played through the world. But some are very different from others. This difference is revealed by the number of player who prefers these games. Here are the 10 most played computer games in the world.

10-World of Tanks: II

This game is a free MMORPG game based on 3rd World War. While playing this game you are sure to push the boundaries of fun.

9-Heroes of the Storm

This game is played only on the computer and free of charge. Aim of the game is to destroy the opponents’ towers and win the game. We think this game will be a sweet addiction for you.


This digital card game is a great content, besides being free. We would like to say that it is the most played game in the category of chance games.


Minecraft made by the Mojang Company earned the right to take part in the 7th of our list. This game, which can be played single or multi-player, contains a lot of content.


The goal of this game is to capture the opponent’s towers and win the game. It is played on a map similar to the Dota and LoL maps. The difference from the other games is that it is 3D.

5-Diablo III

The ultimate goal of this role-playing game is to bring peace to the world. The game having online and single player options will entertain you very much.

4-DOTA 2

This game is a great MOBA game that contains many players.

3-Counter-Strike Global Offensive

This is is a shooter and action game which has worldwide recognition.

2-World Of WarCraft

World of Warcraft, a great role-playing game, is about the fights of different races.

1-League Of Legends

The aim of the game is to destroy the center of the rival and win the game. This game, which has many tournaments all over the world, has a huge player mass that continues increasing every day.

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