Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber resigned

Uber’s controversial CEO Travis Kalanick leaves his position as the CEO of the popular service. UBER’s CEO Travis Kalanick could not stand the pressure from a large group of shareholders and quit his position of the CEO of Uber. The CEO had previously come up with a series of scandals, such as sexual harassment.

Although leaving his position, he will continue to own a large portion of the company and, as a rule, will remain a member of the board of directors. Travis Kalanick, in his statement to the New York Times, said: “I have accepted investors’ desire for secession, so that Uber can continue to progress rather than deal with another fight.”

In just a few months, Uber has separated his ways with a senior executive. These include the President Jeff Jones, finance chief of Uber Gautam Gupta, senior vice president Emil Michael, technology vice president Anthony Lewandroski and APAC president Eric Alexander. The company also expelled 20 people in their rankings who were associated with sexual apartheid in the company.

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