Unlikely Winter Destinations

As we move into the autumn the summer holiday trade takes a break. The people who have been working the season in the resorts move on. The areas get ready for the winter and tourists seek their thrills elsewhere, but what happens to the resorts in the winter? Do they still attract tourists with their beaches and bars? I have had a look at four of the best known summer destinations and investigated their winter personas.

First up is Ibiza. During the summer months the towns are full of revellers, looking for that next party and spending the day relaxing on the perfect golden beaches. The island sees temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius in January and as the mid-twenties by late March. The parties are also still open, but are generally confined to a Friday and Saturday night. The island is at its best in the winter, the hot weather and the luminescent foliage stand out, making this island as gorgeous as ever.

There are hundreds more Spanish islands that we could explore, although Majorca is already well known for its winter season and needs no introduction from me. Tenerife is similarly well respected as a winter destination and is popular with climbers. Likewise the cities of the country pull in tourists who are attracted to the culture and the history of the metropolitan areas.

Marmaris, Turkey is a more unlikely winter destination. The weather is cooler in the winter although many people love going to the destination. The beach is closed in the winter, but winter holidaymakers can still benefit from the resort. Many people seem to enjoy the quieter atmosphere and the chance to get to know the locals.

Sharm-el-Sheikh is one of the most popular British destinations and is just as appealing in the winter. The weather in Egypt is just as good in the winter and slightly more bearable. All of the resorts are open and the resort is at its best. Summer holidays in the area can be too hot for some people, but the winter sun reaches temperatures of around 28 degrees Celsius in November.

The Greek islands don’t shut for winter either, contrary to popular opinion. There are hotels and restaurants open on every island, people do live there after all. In fact because the restaurants open are the ones where locals eat you are more likely to find good food. The islands are generally better for hiking and exploring than for lying out on the beach catching rays during the winter.

To explore some of the most popular summer destinations in the winter click here. You never know you might discover a new favourite place.

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