Unlimited blood supply can be obtained with stem cells

Researches have revealed that two different methods of producing blood cells from the root cell have been discovered in the laboratory. The 20-year-long study will be an important step in production of unlimited blood supply and in the treatment of genetic diseases.

A recent study published in Science magazineNature” has showed that two different methods of producing blood cells from the stem cells have been discovered. The team of researchers collaborated with NHS Blood and Transplant  say that work done by two research teams is an important step in unlimited blood production and in the treatment of genetic diseases.

In the first 20 years of work, the cells of adult mice were transformed into induced pluripotent stem cells, allowing the production of new blood cells. With this work, genetic disorders can be removed from the blood of patients with genetic disorders; and working blood cells can be produced. According to the researcher from Harvard University, named Ryohichi Sugimura, this method gives a chance to produce unlimited blood supply.

In another study conducted by Cornell University under the leadership of Shahin Rafii, stem cells from the lungs of mice are transformed into blood cells. Speaking about the importance of working, Rafii said, “This game-changing invention will only allow us to know the complex biology of stem cells that can renew itself, as well as the ability to heal blood disorders.”

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