Why Lingotek is the Leader in Making Drupal Sites Multilingual

More Sites, More Downloads & More Security
Way Out in Front

Lingotek has three times more Drupal sites and four times more downloads than our nearest competitor. Here’s a breakdown of the Lingotek – Inside Drupal Module’s popularity by the numbers:

  • Lingotek: 663 sites, 71,251 downloads
  • GlobalLink (TDC): 138 sites, 2,088 downloads
  • Cloudwords: 18 sites, 8,291 downloads
  • Smartling: 36 sites, 5,798 downloads
Awarded the “Shield of Awesomeness”

Lingotek is the only company that has connectors for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 that are 100% guaranteed by Drupal’s security team. Companies that receive this designation get to use a shield icon. Nicknamed the “Drupal Shield of Awesomeness” by some of the leaders of the Drupal community, this small but useful graphic is intended to help people recognize contributed modules that receive a higher level of scrutiny and support by the Drupal security team.

Drupal Shield

Language Services

No Formats Were Harmed in the Making of this Translation

Desktop Publishing Data Sheet

No more cutting and pasting! No need to reformat! Lingotek’s desktop publishing expertise means your original images, style, and formatting are protected and respected during translation. The DTP data sheet tells you what we offer, publishing software we support, and why our in-context workbench saves time and improves quality.

Language Services - Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing

Site Audie

Like a Vitamin or Vaccine

A site audit is an ounce of prevention worth weeks of dev cures!

A Site Audit is a critical first step for any localization project. This data sheet explains the value of investing in a pre-project site audit and what you can expect from each stage: Set Up, Review, Assess & Report. Learn how a site audit can ensure a more successful localization project:

  • Assess the multilingual readiness of your site.
  • Ensure smooth multilingual roll out and timely delivery.
  • Provide insights on improving site performance.


Site Audit

This Test is an Easy A

Functional testing ensures a passing grade

Why do our clients need Functional Testing? Our engineers conduct rigorous testing to verify that the localization process hasn’t compromised the functionality of any localized content, software, or website. See the list of the types of testing we offer and the benefits of this valuable service.

Professional Services - Functional Testing
Functional Testing

Industry Research

Industry Research - CSA
The ROI of Localization

The Latest Research from CSA

Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent research organization for localization, globalization, and marketing groups, recently released a research report with some great statistics on the ROI of localization. We’ve created a one-page Research Summary that contains some highlights of the report. Take a look.

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