Yahoo! Mother Board Summit Exceeds All Expectations

Yahoo! Mother Board Summit Exceeds All Expectations

It took a few years to grow Yahoo!’s network of 80 smart, savvy, influential women bloggers, but it took less than an hour for them to have two trending topics—Elisa Steele (proud mom and CMO keynote speaker) and #ymotherboard—on Twitter in San Francisco as they live blogged and tweeted from the Yahoo! Mother Board Summit on Friday, July 16th.

For the first time ever, Yahoo! invited this diverse group of women—who cover topics ranging from living a vegan lifestyle to the impact of political issues on moms—from across the U.S. and Canada to Headquarters for a day (and a couple nights) of inspiration, education and fun. Dubbed “the mother of all conferences”, conversations were sparked between the 62 attendees and Yahoos from Shine, Flickr, Yahoo! Safely, Yahoo! for Good, Yahoo! Green, Social Products, Yahoo! Editorial, Yahoo! Accessibility and Ad Products.

The small group setting allowed for interesting insights, personally relevant conversations and honest, actionable feedback. Yahoo! was able to showcase practical products, services and areas of expertise that were immediately helpful to the bloggers. And the bloggers were able to connect with various Yahoos to tell us what they’d like to see from our products and how Yahoo! can be even more relevant to them as bloggers, moms and consumers. Like each moment of the day, the success of the event and Yahoo!’s relationship with this vital audience, was summed up in a tweet and a couple blog excerpts:

Caffandaprayer: Brands wanting to a) create brand enthusiasts & b) educate tech-savvy users about new/updated products could learn from Yahoo #ymotherboard.

Beccarama, a Yahoo! Mother Board member from New York wrote, “Yahoo! Takes Women Seriously. Yes they wanted to hear from us the mom-blogging community, but they also have an incredible amount of savvy, funny, smart women leading and managing their company.”

Suddenly Single Journey, a Yahoo! Mother Board member from North Carolina wrote, “Oh how I loved loved loved our morning breakout sessions. We worked with Flickr and Shine. How many people can say that? And everyone wants to help us be even bigger and better. How often do you have a corporation like Yahoo! urging you on to success, backing you and supporting you every step of the way.”

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